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What caused blisters in my pool steps?

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Here we explain what causes blisters in fiberglass pool steps and how to prevent more in the future.

The Cause

Ok, I'm just going to rip the bandaid off. Blisters are caused by pool neglect...Ouch! When pool chemicals and cleaning are neglected the water begins absorbing chemicals from surrounding materials. This process causes osmosis as the water gets pulled into the fiberglass to balance the chemical "vacuum" in the water. As water gets pulled into the fiberglass, it creates a resin/water solution. The new solution cannot seep back through the gelcoat and into the pool, so it buidls up in small spots. The build up of that resin/water solution is what creates osmotic blisters.

Another downside of osmotic blisters, is that sometimes they will crack a bit and that solution will begin to leak out. That's what the brown stuff is that runs down from the blisters and stains the steps. It looks kind of like tea.

The only way to get rid of them is to remove them. We grind all the blisters down to good fiberglass, and then using our proprietary process, repair all the holes. We then resurface the steps using our 2- step proprietary process to make them look beautiful again.

How to prevent blisters

Ok, maybe you had blisters and got them repaired, or you are scared that it might happen to you! Preventing blisters is simple. Pay attention to your pool! Check chemicals and maintain them at least weekly. Keep a running log of the chemical levels as well as what you have done to service the pool. Regarding blisters, calcium is the most important to check. Dont let any pool store tell you that a liner pool doesn't need to be concerned with calcium balance.

In closing here, the main thing to remember is consistency. If you take good care of your pool, it will show in the long run.

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